Citroën’s New Electric Concept Oli Asks “What’s Enough?”

French carmaker Citroën has a funky, spirited, and unconventional new EV concept called Oli, which wants to ask you “what is enough?”

In the era of more – more features, more battery range, more horsepower, more speed, Citroën wants to interrupt that pattern with a car that prioritizes fun, affordability, and eco-friendly materials.

Their Oli concept has a lightweight structure that features roof and hood made from a cardboard honeycomb material, which is amazingly stronger than steel. It also uses innovative, lightweight seats and other weight-saving methods to reduce overall heft, which improves range as well as material and build cost.

The cabin utilizes a docking station for your phone to power the infotainment, and the car’s audio system is in the form of a removable bluetooth speaker. Additionally, the windshield is decidedly upright, which apparently will cut down on glare and cabin heat from the sun, minimizing the need for air conditioning.

At the end of its life, the car is designed to swap its recyclable body panels with other Oli models, for a more sustainable cycle.

All of this adds up to a unique and different design, purposely bucking the trend of more, more more.

Their reveal video is definitely eye catching as well, and serves as a great introduction to the Oli.

Impressive, fun work from Citroën.


“Designing electric cars is good. But not enough for us. Our Citroën Oli [all-ë] concept car has been made as light as possible to use as little electricity as possible whilst guaranteeing a range of 400 km. It has been designed with recycled and recyclable parts to extend its life. So, are we all on board?”

Though the roof is made partially from recycled cardboard, the unique honeycomb structure make it stronger than steel.

We love the way the red interior brings a feeling of energy.

Buttons and switches are kept to to a minimum, keeping things simple and also saving weight.

The chunky, unconventional shape gives Oli a playful profile, but one that is great for urban driving.

The sound system consists of removable bluetooth speakers.

While it’s just a concept, we can expect Citroën to adopt many of the designs and innovations in future models.