Not Fried Chicken® Is the Ultimate Ice Cream in Costume

We’re honestly not sure what is more decadent, a bucket of fried chicken, or a tub of ice cream bars. The wild people over at Life Raft Treats have cooked up Not Fried Chicken®, a frozen lookalike treat so convincing you’d be forgiven for mistaking it.

The hilarious concoction is even sold in a chicken bucket, giving you the impression you’re about to embark on a hot, greasy, delicious journey.  And no doubt it will be delicious, just unexpectedly so. What’s more, you can order this frozen treat online from Goldbelly.


Our cult favorite ice cream bar!

Waffle ice cream + chocolate-covered cookie “bone” + caramelized white chocolate + crushed cornflakes = weaponized mouth joy

-Life Raft Treats