Stunning New Astronomy Museum in Shanghai is the World’s Largest

As a lover of stars and outer space, there’s quite a bit of excitement we have around the opening of the world’s largest Astronomy museum. Located in Shanghai, the building is a testament to the power of creative design, and there way architecture can inspire just as much as the contents of a building.

Designed by Ennead Architects, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum opened this summer and has all manner of cutting-edge technology in its 420,000 square feet of museum space.  From a state-of-the-art spherical planetarium to a massive solar telescope, the museum aims to reveal some of the wonder of the universe to visitors.

In addition to a curving exterior with no right angles, the museum features stunning projections and display work, and a starry sky interior that makes you feel like you’re floating in space.

Via MyModernMet:

“The foundational design concept of the Shanghai Astronomy Museum was to abstractly embody within the architecture some of the fundamental laws of astrophysics, which are the rule in space.”