The Maldives Has a Floating City Underway

The Maldives lay at only one meter above sea level, which is proving catastrophic in the era of sea level rise due to climate change.

This small island nation isn’t going to just let itself be submerged, however. From impassioned pleas at the United Nations to eco-tourism, the country is bringing attention to itself, and the plight of island nations like it.

Now it’s taking a further step, creating an entire floating city, which will be able to easily adapt to sea level rise over the next century.

This city is under construction, located just ten minutes by boat from the capital city. Designed to mimic the pattern of brain coral, this isn’t a hyper futuristic vision, nor is it only for the rich and connected. This city of 5,000 homes is a practical step to mitigate the existential problem that The Maldives face.

This joint venture is between Dutch Docklands and the government of the Maldives. The homes are modest yet fully featured, and will be built in shipyards, and then floated to the system, which includes an underwater concrete hull, anchored to the seabed on telescopic stilts.

It’s both impressive and sobering to see a project like this take off. Residents are expected to move in starting in 2024, with the city completed by 2027. Via CNN Style:

Male, the capital of the Maldives, is hugely overcrowded, and out of room for growth.