Escape to the Maldives

Much of the US and Canada is in the midst of an epic cold spell. Like, really, really cold. Picture -25ºF (-37ºC). It’s cold enough that major cities like Chicago have closed all schools, rivers have frozen, and people are posting videos of hot water instantly turning to snow when thrown.

For those of you in the bitter cold, we thought it’d be nice to have a little mental escape to somewhere warm and tropical. The Maldives seem to fit the bill beautifully. Located in the Indian Ocean southwest of Sri Lanka, it’s a tiny country, full of jaw dropping tropical beauty. Hopefully these will warm you up a bit.


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Maldives beach with palm tree

Photo by Lonely Planet

Snorkeler in the Maldives

Photo by Karumba

Maldives aerial view

Photo by Jumeirah

maldives beachside hut

Photo via The Independent

swimmer in the water Maldives

Photo by Budget Resorts Maldives

maldives island sand

Photo by My Maldives

Maldives hotels water aerial

Photo by Capella Hotels

Maldives water from above

Photo by Trailfinders