What’s in Your Dog’s Food, Really?

Most of us scoop a pile of hard kibble into our dog’s bowl each morning and evening, and the dog obligingly gobbles it up. But what actually are in those kibbles?

Mostly, it’s fillers like wheat, corn, or soy, with minimal amounts of lower-quality meat. Sometimes it’s meat by-products, which is, let’s just say, not great. And while kibble is okay for some dogs, more and more pooches are having issues digesting it, and it certainly isn’t the best choice for them.

Low quality kibble can lead to obesity, energy drops, and skin issues.

NomNom is a fresh-food alternative, offering good food for good dogs. Delivered to your door, it’s convenient, healthy, and sure to excite your furry friend. They offer several different fresh foods, specifically tailored for those dogs that might have dietary issues or allergies.

Nom Nom delivers fresh food made with whole ingredients you can actually see, backed by science to ensure your dog gets the nutrition needed for a long, happy life. Their food is top quality, and entirely transparent as to what goes into it.


NomNom has some impressive expected outcomes that you can expect your dog to have after eating their food.


Excitement at meal time
More energy


Smaller stools
Better breath


Softer, silkier coat
Less shedding


Weight goals reached
Increased stamina


All-around healthier pets
All-around happier vets

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