Epic Wildlife Scene by Nick Pedersen

Digital artist and photographer Nick Pedersen (previously) has a collection of composite images that pull together beautiful natural elements to create huge, epic scenes. One of his latest, Refuge, takes place in a fictional, yet familiar (Yosemite?) location, showcasing elk, birds, and a soaring landscape of mountains, draped in fog.

The full image is enormous, made up of dozens of individual photos, and carefully edited together. Refuge is a full 30,000 pixels wide, encapsulating more than 360 megapixels.


His work is pristine and sharp, with beautifully lit animals, and a level of detail you’ll never see in an individual photograph. ┬áIt’s the type of imagery that would look fabulous blown up to massive scale, covering an entire wall.

We also love the calm peacefulness that the imagery exudes, it feels very meditative.


His work is available as premium prints, check out his portfolio site for more.


If you look very closely at the full image, you’ll see detail of mountain goats or rams perched on the top of giant boulders.


Further detail of a blue jay examining the scene around him.