Frankie the CG Dinosaur Speaks at the United Nations to Prod Humanity to Action

Frankie the velociraptor has a stark message for humanity. End the excuses, and wake up. It’s time to address climate change seriously, or the whole human race is in danger.

This highly produced short for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has a CG dinosaur enter the halls of the UN, to shrieks and scrambling by nation members. But the dinosaur, voiced by actor Jack Black, approaches the podium and gives an impassioned speech about extinction, and why action matters. It’s the first time there’s been a CG-enhanced film made in UN, and we applaud their effort to create a moment that is memorable, humorous, but also slightly scary and impactful.

Their tagline Don’t Choose Extinction, should resonate with this week’s start of the COP 26 Climate Conference, or at least we hope it does. Otherwise, we may have to answer to Frankie the dinosaur.