Have You Ever Heard of Peanut Butter Fruit?

Bunchosia glandulifera is the Latin name for the unique tropical fruit commonly known as the Peanut Butter Fruit.  We hadn’t heard of it until we stumbled upon an article that caught our eye.

Could a fruit taste like the stuff we all have in a jar on a shelf?

Apparently when ripe, these little fruits native to South America are pleasantly nutty and sweet, and resemble peanut butter, with a fruity aftertaste.

Often eaten raw, the peanut butter fruit is also cooked into jams, used for baking, and whipped into milkshakes. Have you tried this unique food? Does it live up to its name?

We love learning about new fruits like this, read more on Atlas Obscura:

From Atlas Obscura:

“This small fruit, whose color ranges from orange to red, resembles a grape tomato. But instead of the tomato’s tart, sweet juiciness, this plant smells and tastes like peanut butter. When properly ripened, it even has a smooth, dense pulp with a texture that’s comparable to what you’d find in a jar of the creamy spread.”