Buick Rebrands as an All Electric Brand, Hopes to Modernize its Old Image

For decades now, Buick has been associated with grey haired retirees, at least here in North America. Not exactly the most exciting demographic. In China, the brand is perceived differently, with a number of sleek models that don’t arrive in places like the US.

Now, Buick is hoping to shake off that stodgy, older image with a rebrand that positions the company as an all-electric brand, at least starting in 2030. Their Wildcat Concept is a sleek take on an old moniker, a swept-back car with an aggressive stance, sculptural seats, and future-forward interior.

The company’s old logo has also been fully redesigned, marking a departure from the old mark that has connotations that the brand wants to put in the rearview mirror.

Look for their first EV to arrive in 2024.