Hypercolor Cityscapes by Xavier Portela

Belgo-Portuguese photographer Xavier Portela  has a series entitled Glow where the cityscapes below shine and glow like a neon dream. His images are intentionally manipulated to feel vibrant and electric, with bright pinks and blues dialed up to maximum brightness. The cities include Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, New York, and more.


Via Colossal:

“When you are taking photographs on the streets you have way more than just a frame, you have variables like temperature, noise, people, smell,” Portela tells Colossal. “You have tons of details that make our senses and brain record a specific ‘scene’ of that moment. When you got home and you look at your photographs on screen, you only have a frame in two dimensions. It’s frustrating how much information you just lost… I wanted my shots to look like as if they came straight out of a manga. Vibrant and electric.”