Iceland Invites You to Relax While a Horse Replies To Your Emails

Iceland has run a number of clever, funny, and downright weird marketing campaigns in the last several years.

Their latest continues the humorous approach, with a campaign called OutHorse Your Email.

In involves real horses who were trained to type on a giant keyboard. Yes, you read that correctly.

The idea is simple. You fill out a simple form, tell it when you’re on vacation, and voilà! You’re given an out-of-office reply that is literally written by a horse on a massive keyboard.

We tried out the free service, by entering our vacation date, and here’s what we got back:

” Moss and Fog is out of office.

During this vacation, Moss and Fog has OutHorsed all work-related emails to an Icelandic horse called Hrímnir frá Hvammi to free up more time for adventure. “

Here is Hrímnir frá Hvammi’s response:

Qwsdcfrtgb fdfg jhlsajf vdpföð lkdsjahg bksdð adæfbnaqerbvui<  i98oimdJVJ <0IÐ

KVWE krjgi1ÆIÆ qwiik+ð‘h as whbl ppppppppppp lh

An Icelandic horse really typed that!

Check out the service, and get a chuckle, like we did.