Inspire Your Next Remodeling with Your Holiday Adventures

Traveling is a great way to experience the world as it is. Hence, we must travel to different places and learn more about different cultures, traditions, languages, food and even lifestyle. However, as we travel more we collect information through our senses and experiences and would want to incorporate certain designs and art forms while redecorating our personal space. In doing so, we try and emulate those designs and art forms in our ways or create new designs inspired by those designs. 

California has always been one of the best places that have inspired artists and creative people across the globe. Many families today prefer to go sailing along the California coast and spend some quality time on cruises that offer quality experiences. However, when they return they would want to take some inspiration from the travel experiences they had and bring those ideas and inspirations into their living room, kitchen and bedroom.

If you have returned from an exciting California cruise trip here are some tips on how you can embrace and be inspired by the California style while remodeling your home. 


Bring in Midcentury Modern Furniture

Most Californian homes have midcentury modern furniture and architecture characterized by gentle curves and clean sleek lines. Hence, you can look for furniture that has sleek lines and tapered legs. You can incorporate this in coffee tables, nightstands, dining tables and chairs and even sideboards. These soft curves and clear lines are inspired by nature and they blend well with a wide range of materials and colors. 


Choose Minimalistic Neutral Color

As you cruise through the California coast you will notice that most of the region is bright and sunny. Hence, most California-inspired home interiors have minimalistic neutral color which is mostly white. Although, you can look for different shades of white and play along with the shades of furnishings and furniture you have. 



Use Bohemian Patterns

When you are searching for tips for remodeling your home interiors in California style you can look for mixed patterns. California homes have an eclectic laid-back vibe that reflects in different colors and scales for different rooms. Although this might sound risky you can make use of various bohemian textiles and rugs that would blend well with the furniture. 


Bring in the Outdoors

Californians are inspired by nature and they have plenty of sunlight that allows them to bring in the outdoor plants in their homes. Taking cues from this, you can look out for ideas on how you can use plants to decorate your home interiors and add some drama to your real estate. 


Incorporate Organic Materials

A true Californian would spend more time outdoors and is in sync with natural and organic materials. Most California-style homes bring their outdoors indoors. For this, you can incorporate organic materials for your interiors. Jute is one of the popular materials in California and therefore you can incorporate jute material in different ways for the interiors and that would help you capture the essence of California in your home.