Julien Pacaud’s Powerfully Simple Surrealism

We’ve been fascinated by the relatively new wave of surrealist artists working today. Search “Surreal” on Instagram or Pinterest, and you’ll be flooded by people creating strange and unique pieces of collage, digital mashups, and otherworldly art in the vein of the surreal.

Of the artists working today, we think Julien Pacaud may have carved out the most distinct and replicated style. Using a combination of vintage photographs, geometric forms, and a graphic designer’s negative space, he has a look and feel that stands apart from many of the other surrealist collage artists working today.

Below are a large collection of his work, part of a series called Myths of the Near Future, carefully combining photos with graphical elements, all with a soft, pastel-like color palette. Via DesignYouTrust:


“I think that what drives my creation is my subconscious—the ways I express myself come rather randomly. I also don’t feel the need to explain my artworks, and am happy for anyone who interprets my work however they want—even if I created the piece with a specific idea in mind.”