Maxim Shkret’s Vibrant Animal Kingdom

Utilizing his own super-vibrant, futuristic illustration style, digital artist Maxim Shkret has created an entire kingdom of animals, from polar bears to hummingbirds to five-pointed unicorns.

We love the color combinations, and the fierce yet inviting style that paints these animals in a highly dramatic fashion.  Via IG:

Maxim Shkret's Vibrant Animal KingdomMaxim Shkret's Vibrant Animal Kingdomart-shkret-05art-shkret-06Maxim Shkret's Vibrant Animal Kingdomart-shkret-08art-shkret-09art-shkret-10art-shkret-12art-shkret-13art-shkret-14art-shkret-15art-shkret-16Maxim Shkret's Vibrant Animal Kingdomart-shkret-feature