Noise Cancelling Dog Kennel


Ford has had a couple of experimental products before, that have little to do with cars. Last year they created a baby crib that mimics the movement and sound of traveling in as car, to help babies sleep.

Now they’ve designed a dog kennel with active noise-cancelling technology, to help furry friends who suffer anxiety from things like storms and fireworks.

We can testify that our childhood dog used to suffer extreme anxiety during Fourth of July firework season, shivering in the bathtub for hours on end.


Ford’s answer is unique and compelling. The clever, tent-shaped kennel has an automatic glass door, and a number of noise-reducing pieces of technology, including foam, insulation, and active-noise dampers, like those found in noise-cancelling headphones.


The result is clever but also nicely empathetic to the concerns of our four-legged friends, who are willing companions, even in situations that give them stress.


So far, this is only a prototype, and there’s no word on availability or pricing. But we love the concept. Via Uncrate:

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