3D Printed Artisan Chocolates


If you’re looking for an exquisite gift this holiday season, you could do worse than these beautiful, 3D-printed chocolates by Ryan L Foote

The shapes and forms are truly one of a kind, reflecting both modern design, and multi-cultural influence. Below are some of the exquisite collections and exotic flavors.

Australian Collection:


Inspired by Australian native botanicals and Australia’s vibrant gastronomic scene. Available in 4 & 9 piece boxes with flavours such as: White chocolate and wattle seed Spicy mountain pepper berry Finger lime and hazelnut Eucalyptus and mint dark chocolate Lemon myrtle cream Kakadu plum and rose vinegar


Hong Kong Collection:


Inspired by Hong Kong found flavours from local classics to modern tastes. Available in 4 & 9 piece boxes with flavours like: Pineapple bun Egg tart Milk tea Hong Kong French toast Salted coconut Preserved three year old mandarin rind


Asia Pacific Single Origin Collection:


Selection of single origin chocolate grown in the Asia Pacific region. Available in 4 & 9 piece boxes with chocolate sourced from: Vietnam Indonesia Philippines Papua New Guinea Australia