Outback Scouts


Ian Connor and Jonathan May have an awesome photographic series that follows several plucky, weathered Aussie kids as they adventure their way through the Outback. The lighting, costumes and style call to mind Wes Anderson’s idyllic childhood scenes, mixed with a rustic fashion shoot.  The story background is a fair bit more dramatic in nature:

A scout troupe set out exploring the Australian outback. Escaping the scorching heat, they ventured into a cave. Emerging, they come to a sombre realisation: an airborne virus had wiped out most of humanity. They would have to survive in the wilderness alone, armed with nothing but their wits, courage and their scout skills.

Great costume design, set pieces and lighting. We take away more of a positive vibe from this than the apocalyptic feel the artists described, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Via Behance: