This 14 Foot Tall Sculpture Becomes Your Face

Using a staggered, face-like shape, paired with curved LED panels, this 14-foot tall sculpture can replicate a human face with nearly eerie precision. Installed at the Columbus Ohio Convention Center, As We Are is a sculpture that is drawing participants from the selfie era and before, designed and created by Matthew Mohr. The result is spooky yet impressive, with a contoured facial outline that works for just about anyone’s features.


Using 24 horizontal bands of LED panels that wrap nearly entirely around the structure, faces are displayed with a level of realism that is memorable, and somewhat intimidating.  Users step into the sculpture itself from the back, and follow a set of steps to capture their face, where it’s then projected onto the LEDs. It’s amazing how simple yet impactful this installation is, and we’d be thrilled to step into the face ourselves. Via Colossal:

“It is an open-ended, conceptual piece that explores how we represent ourselves individually and collectively, asking participants to consider their identity in social media and in public. It asks all viewers to contemplate portraits of people from different ethnicities, and gender identities.”