Beautifully Bright Illustrations by Geraldine Sy

Good illustration can tell a story and leave a visual memory all at the same time. The warm and inviting illustrations by Filipino artist Geraldine Sy are definitely a part of that category, and they intrigue us. This particular bright collection comes just from Sy’s 2017 commissions, including for clients like National Geographic, The Guardian, MotionLab, Flow Magazine, and many others.

We particularly love the style that seems to be slightly worn or weathered, while remaining decidedly modern and stylish.  On the cover image of this post stands the silhouette of a man on a tropical island, vines and leaves covering the foreground. It looks almost like the vintage travel posters of the 20th century. In another, two youngsters are seen from overhead listening to records, sprawled out on the floor with potted plants to keep them company.  In a poster for the updated Anne of Green Gables, the bright orange braids of Anne’s hair positively pop off the page. It has a creative editorial feel, and shows Sy’s ability to adapt to her client’s tone and style. Really bright, beautiful work, via her Behance page.