This Electric Bush Bike Helps Catch Poachers in Africa

Poachers have brazenly decimated animal species throughout Africa, putting animals at risk of endangerment and even extinction.

Ranger groups have been deployed to catch these poachers in the wild, but their gas powered bikes and vehicles are noisy and easy to hear approaching. Cake is a new motorbike company that has a solution. Their Kalk AP electric bush bike is silent and powerful, allowing the rangers to sneak up on poachers, and apprehend, saving animal’s lives.

Part of the Electric Bush Bike Anti Poacher Act, the stylish motorbikes not only are quiet to operate, but also much less expensive than petrol-powered ones, as fuel needs to be trucked in, or sometimes even flown in to remote areas.

Along with the bikes, the program supplies these anti-poaching outfits with solar chargers, allowing the bush bikes to be cleanly powered and easy to recharge.

The bikes are donated to anti-poaching efforts, and you can make a contribution to help make more available to organizations throughout Africa.

”The petrol bikes we’ve used previously have all been loud, heavy and expensive to keep running in these areas. The CAKE bikes are quiet, which makes it easier for us to approach poachers undetected. We hope this collaboration will result in more effective anti-poaching in our region and we are really excited to start using the bikes in the wild.”

– Mfana Xaba,
Anti-poaching team leader


A bike by rangers, for rangers

“In a close collaboration with the Southern African Wildlife College and their partners, CAKE’s engineers have developed the Kalk AP, a high-performance bike that’s quieter and lighter than any combustion engine motorbike. With the new Kalk AP bikes, rangers can approach poachers silently without being detected, making way for more effective anti-poaching work in the region. The bike will continuously be tuned and optimized with feedback from rangers, aiming to create the best bike possible for anti-poaching.”

In addition, they have gear available that donates portions of its proceeds to the anti poaching effort.