Walk a Mile in My Crayon Shoes

Now this I really want to try. In a collaboration between The National Gallery of Victoria and Mathery Studio, a project that asks you, begs you to write with crayons on the wall. With special gear built with onboard ‘crayon balls’, you can make a masterpiece by just rubbing and swiping against the walls. Via Knstrct:

Pastello-Draw-Act-Mathery-Studio-National-Gallery-Victoria-Art-Installation-1 Pastello-Draw-Act-Mathery-Studio-National-Gallery-Victoria-Art-Installation-2

Via Knstrct:
Pastello – Draw Act is an incredibly playful and immersive space for kids to truly explore and experiment with the concept of drawing. Walls, floors, and even furniture vary between drawing surfaces and drawing tools. The drawing utensils themselves were mainly made of melted oil pastel – but kids won’t find any traditional Crayola shaped ones to use. In the exhibition space, children will find helmets with embedded pastel spheres, spoons and forks dipped in bright colored wax, and even shoes with crayon bottoms.

Pastello-Draw-Act-Mathery-Studio-National-Gallery-Victoria-Art-Installation-3 Pastello-Draw-Act-Mathery-Studio-National-Gallery-Victoria-Art-Installation-4 Pastello-Draw-Act-Mathery-Studio-National-Gallery-Victoria-Art-Installation-5
Pastello-Draw-Act-Mathery-Studio-National-Gallery-Victoria-Art-Installation-8 Pastello-Draw-Act-Mathery-Studio-National-Gallery-Victoria-Art-Installation-14 Pastello-Draw-Act-Mathery-Studio-National-Gallery-Victoria-Art-Installation-17