The Very Beautiful Maxwell Infinitum Acoustic Guitar

This very beautiful handmade guitar is called the Infinitum, from New Zealand-based designer Maxwell Custom.  It is extremely sleek and sexy, and we’re sure it costs a whole lot of money.  It’s a great example of design thinking, using the very best materials, and considering new ways of building. Here’s hoping it sounds as good as it looks! Price TBA, Via Uncrate:


Crafted from local Kahikatea and Black Maire woods using CNC machining and thermal modification, it does away with string pegs, instead attaching them directly to the soundboard with carbon fiber bracing.


Infinitum+Grace+3Infinitum+Grace+4Infinitum+Grace+5Infinitum+Grace+7Infinitum+Grace+8Infinitum+Grace+9Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 3.52.22 PM