Animated Film Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the momentous Apollo 11 moon landing, Dutch group Woodwork has created a beautiful and compelling short film of the voyage.

Using sharp sound design and impressive visuals, they take us back to that moment on July 16, 1969, exactly fifty years ago.  Were you alive for the landing? What types of memories does it bring back?

It’s a beautiful tribute, and still an event that humanity should be proud of. Via DesignBoom:


We love the dramatic editing, and the sound design that brings the saga so much life and energy.


“For one priceless moment in the whole history of man, all the people on this Earth are truly one.”


A fitting tribute, fifty years later, marking an achievement that will be hard to top.


Directed by: Marvin Koppejan
Produced by: Woodwork Amsterdam
Music & Sound Design: Max Gramser
Animation, Edit & Composite: Marvin Koppejan
Additional 3D shots: Tim van der Wiel, Ernst Noort
Producer: Nina Fabel