Bizarrely Excellent

The Geneva Auto Show just began, and Toyota’s new far-out concept car stands out from the crowd.

Via DesignBoom:
the ‘ft-bh’ concept hybrid by toyota has just been debuted at geneva motor show 2012, intended as an ultralight  B-segment family car that attains less than half the CO2 emissions of the efficient Toyota Yaris (achieveing 49 grams per kilometer) and a high fuel effiency of 2.1 L / 100km (112mpg).

the low-riding design was developed based on five goals: mass reduction, optimized aerodynamics, powertrain efficiency, thermal energy management, and electricity savings.

measuring 3985mm long by 1695mm wide and 1400mm high (157 x 66 x 55 inches LWH), the body of the ‘ft-bh’ is composed of steel, aluminum, and magnesium to weigh 786kg (1733lb), a 25% decrease from the yaris. the interior is based on a stretched fabric design, visible in the panel, center console, dashboard, seats, and steering wheel.

the ‘ft-bh’ features a full hybrid drive system, with a lightweight 2-cylinder 1-liter petrol engine (atkinson cycle)
and lithium-ion battery pack. optimizations in the powertrain include the maximization of combustion efficiency, the use of high fuel-injection pressure, and a larger exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system for reduction of nitrous oxide emissions.

Great use of negative spaces in this vehicle, and obviously a lot of crazy tech and design details that will probably never make it to Toyota’s production line. But really fun to examine.

toyota FT-Bh concept at geneva motor show from designboom on Vimeo.

towards the goal of improved thermal energy management, the vehicle adopts a range of electrical and material techniques.
the air-conditioning is specially zoned, and waste heat is recycled back into the system. toyota has also reduced the electrical use of the LED headlamps, interior lights, and other components by 50% compared to conventional cars. in terms of the vehicle’s construction, the use of lightweight cabin materials naturally offers a high degree of thermal insulation, and the white matte finish of the car likewise assists in thermal insulation.