Brasilia’s Mid-Century Modern Wonder

It’s a unique opportunity to design a nation’s capital from scratch. That’s the idea behind Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, built as a planned city in 1960. At the height of the mid-century modern era, the architecture has a very distinct and futuristic sensibility, even sixty years later. It was built to centralize the nation’s capital, as Rio De Janeiro is geographically disparate from so much of the massive country.

French photographer Vincent Fournier shows us some great angles and perspectives of the Brazilian capital, framing details of the city’s unique geography and built environment. It’s a fascinating city, if only Brazil’s leader was less of a human rights and environmental tyrant, the world would be in a better place. Via Inspiration Grid:


“My work on the city of Brasilia comes from a mixture of fascination and nostalgia for the stories and representations of the Future.”

Vincent Fournier