Casper’s New Glow Light Aims to Make Sleeping and Waking More Peaceful

Casper spent the last few years growing their mattress-in-a-box business into a big enterprise. The company now has their sight’s set on the rest of the sleeping experience. The Casper Glow light is a bedside table lamp, with a number of interesting features to make it user-friendly and more importantly, sleep friendly.

From a gradually fading mode, to the ability to turn the light on and off by flipping it over, the Glow wants to take you to sleepy-town using soft warm LEDs. The accelerometer inside knows how you’re turning it, so with a simple swivel, you can turn the brightness up and down. Shaking the light activates a dim glow feature as well. Additionally, the lights enter a ‘group mode’ when paired, and six at a time can be paired to glow and dim in succession.  Available in single and 2-packs for $89 and $169 on Casper’s website. Via DesignMilk:

Casper Glow light Casper Glow light Casper Glow light

Casper Glow light







Casper Glow light