Cinematic Cuba by Stijn Hoekstra

cinematic cuba moss and fog 1

Cuba has been in the news of late, partly for President Obama’s lifting of certain travel restrictions, and partly due to the wonderfully authentic lifestyle that can be epitomized in Havana with classic cars and great music. Let’s not forget, Cuba has a lot of problems, and it’s good not to stereotype it as a vacation destination without major inequities, serious poverty, and restrictions on free speech and news. But the vision of Cuba as a cinematic place, a visually rich and packed with culture lives on. Photographer Stijn Hoekstra does this vision justice, with his series, aptly named Cinematic Cuba.  In it, he captures the admittedly beautiful and pristine 50’s cars, the crumbling yet enchanting buildings, and the way life seems to move at it’s own pace on this tropical island nation.

cinematic cuba moss and fog 2

Hoekstra’s photos are lovingly captured, peering through alleyways, sunsets illuminating the classic cars, birds pouring out of ancient churches. Very rich and beautiful images, painting a picture that seems to be standing still in time, culturally.

cinematic cuba moss and fog 3cinematic cuba moss and fog 4cinematic cuba moss and fog 5cinematic cuba moss and fog 6cinematic cuba moss and fog 7cinematic cuba moss and fog 8cinematic cuba moss and fog 9cinematic cuba moss and fog 10cinematic cuba moss and fog 11