Clear Cabin

the bunkie - small space architecture by evan bare + nathan buhler

The Bunkie – small space architecture by Evan Bare + Nathan Buhler Via DesignBoom:

Evan bare of 608 design and Nathan Buhler of BLDG workshop have conceived ‘the bunkie‘ as a medium to experiment in ideas 
that cross boundaries between architecture and furniture design. The concept uses identical techniques used in
 the manufacturing process of high production plywood furniture. The frame is built using a CNC router to cut highly accurate parts which fit together like a puzzle.
 Clad in plywood and barn board (or other materials) – everything can be built in a factory and shipped flat-packed on-site for final assembly. The interior was designed to maximize the potential for small spaces – living quarters that could be commonly used as a family cottage add-on for 
sleeping extra guests without building permit requirements.

A multi-functional room has been developed that consists of three modes: sleep, play and open. ‘Sleep mode’ employs two queen sized murphy beds built into one main wall – a small dining table and set of four chairs are visually integrated into the main feature wall, and can be detached for use in play mode. Open mode would provide the most square footage to be used for meditation, yoga,
reading, or even ice fishing.

Open mode

Party mode

Party mode

Sleep mode