Double the Umlauts, Double the Fun in this Mirrored Pop-Up Home

OOD-tiny-house-moss and fog1

The ÖÖD is a modern prefab home with a great sense of personality, thanks to it’s mirrored exterior. Supposedly able to be put up in 8 hours for under $50k, the home looks like an instant winner. Sleek, inviting interior space features a custom made bed, LED lighting, and heated floor. The huge glass windows give amazing visibility, while the mirrored exterior means you actually could have privacy in this glass home. We’ve found that a lot of tiny homes look alike, but you won’t have that problem with this unique offering. Made in Estonia, the ÖÖD looks gööd to us. Via Inhabitat:

OOD-tiny-house-moss and fog 3OOD-tiny-house-moss and fog 5OOD-tiny-house-moss and fog4OOD-tiny-house-moss-and-fog 2