Pedal Your Way to Clean Air With Smog Eating Bicycle

studio-roosegaarde-smog bicycle moss and fog 1

Studio Roosegaarde is a Dutch design firm led by Dan Roosegaarde, on a mission to clean smog from some of the dirtiest cities in the world. His studio has worked on stationary smog eaters, and their latest invention takes that concept to the road. A device attached to a bicycle vacuums in smog and releases clean air as it passes by. Supported by the Chinese government, the small device is encouraged to be used by the growing bike sharing projects popping up in Beijing.

Let’s hope this device gets adopted by cyclists, and that cycling in China continues to grow, cleaning up the smoggy air. Via DesignBoom:

studio-roosegaarde-smog-bicycle moss and fog 2studio-roosegaarde-smog-bicycle moss and fog 3