Europe’s Record Heatwave Shows Us Climate Change in Action

This summer’s sizzling, scorching temperatures are being felt all over Europe, with many countries smashing their previously held records. In Paris, on Thursday, it reached 108.7º Fahrenheit, or 42.6 Celcius.  It’s a record that no one asked for, and no one wants, however.

People sought relief from the heat however they could, wading into pools and fountains, using misting machines, and even repurposing inflatable pools for feet cooling. Check out images below from the New York Times. 


It’s the second heat wave that Europe has experienced this summer, and with all of August left to go, who knows how many more records will be broken.


It’s clear that climate change is already well underway, rapidly changing the norms, and creating less inviting weather all over the world.  For those people who dismiss the seriousness of the earth’s warming, we invite you to spend a few sweltering nights in Paris without air conditioning, and get a taste of this change for yourself.

It’s a worrying trend, and one we fear will continue and only get worse, unless bold action is taken.


Misting devices setup all over Europe.


The 41º Celcius temperatures broke records throughout France.


Brave spectators for the Tour De France, in sweltering heat.


Helping a horse cool down with a bath in a lake.


A Tour De France cyclist staying cool with a special vest holding ice packs.