Ford’s Baby Crib That Mimics Driving


At first glance, we thought this was an April Fool’s post. But upon further inspection, it’s not only real, it’s a really good idea. Called the MAX Motor Dreams, Ford has come up with a modern looking baby crib that mimics the sound, movement and lights of driving to lull your infant to sleep. As many of us know, kids and babies sleep well in the car. So engineers and designers have come up with a facsimile that should help your little one snooze while at home. Zzzzz……

Developed for Ford Spain by GTB España and Ogilvy & Mather, this ingenious crib will definitely come stateside, once people see how well it works.  Via The Inspiration Room:

max_motor_dreams_babySchermata 2017-02-21 alle 17.57.57