How Climate Change is Causing Record Heat Around the World

With many places around the globe experiencing record-breaking heat, it’s clear that our planet is warming, and we’re already feeling the effects of climate change. The New York Times has a look at some of the hottest places on the Earth over the last few months, accompanied by great artwork by Stephanie Davidson.  As hot as your hometown has gotten, have you experienced the 124°F (51.1˚C) of Ouargla, Algeria, or the 122˚F (50˚C) of Nawabshah, Pakistan? It’s like walking into an oven.  All of this excessive heat is wreaking havoc on plants, animals, and humans, not to mention power grids around the world. Even historically cool places like Oslo, Norway, are experiencing record heatwaves, and places in the arctic circle are having to deal with massive wildfires.  It’s a sad and disturbing reality, and one that we all need to confront and address as best we can.

record heat moss and fog

Hong Kong: Over 91°F for 16 straight days

Nawabshah, Pakistan: 122°F on April 30

Oslo: Over 86°F for 16 consecutive days

Los Angeles: 108°F on July 6

Ouargla, Algeria: 124°F on July 5

Excessive heat worldwide, due to a warming planet.