Fluid Colors by Maria Grønlund

Danish artist Maria Grønlund has a knack for smooth, fluid shapes and forms, and a style that calls to mind fire, fluids, ink and lush greens.  Her work is bold and organic in the way the colors blend and flow into one another. See more of her designs on Behance.

fluid colors by Maria Grønlundfluid-colors-moss-and-fog-2fluid-colors-moss-and-fog-3

These are digital drawings developed primarily for aesthetics. It’s a study in colors and Illustrator techniques basically based on Illustrator blends tweaked in Photoshop. I’ve chosen bright saturated primary and secondary colors to create a fresh, life-affirming impression to energize the viewer

fluid colors by Maria Grønlundfluid-colors-moss-and-fog-5fluid-colors-moss-and-fog-6fluid-colors-moss-and-fog-7fluid-colors-moss-and-fog-8fluid-colors-moss-and-fog-cover