Hyundai’s Latest Kona EV Is Sleek, Updated and Affordable

The Korean automakers are on a tear lately, rapidly turning their entire lineup into sleek, well-designed EVs, and showing just how behind some of the Japanese automakers are.

For context, Hyundai and Kia now offer a collective 8 fully electric models, and 14 plug-in hybrids.  Toyota, the global juggernaut who introduced the world to hybrids back in the day, have just one fully electric model, which they share with Subaru.

Hyundai continues their trend with the new 2024 Kona EV, a small, handsome hatchback, which is one of their bestsellers, and one of their more affordable models.

It take design cues from the Ioniq 5, which won last year’s Motor Trend Car of the Year Award.  With thin, sleek headlights and a ‘pixel’ design, the Kona joins its bigger siblings the Ioniq 5 and new Ioniq 6.

With a range of 490 km (304 miles), the Kona should start at around $34,000 when it goes on sale in the fall of 2023.