Incredible Drone Flying In This Bowling Alley Tribute

Drone flying has gotten much more sophisticated over the past few years, and the latest trend is to use FPV versions, which you can fly using virtual reality goggles.  The results can be spectacular, with choreographed flying and intricate maneuvers that wouldn’t be possible just a few years ago.

Case in point: This tribute to a much loved bowling alley in Minneapolis, Bryant Lake Bowl.  This low-key yet highly skilled video shows us a casual night at the bowling alley, all from the perspective of the drone. It carefully flies through the front door, swoops in over the bowlers, and proceeds to explore various areas of the bar and alley, all with smooth precision and artful flying. At one point the drone flies through the back of the bowling machines, through a small tunnel, and out to a different part of the bar. We were sure we’d witness a crash or two along the way.

All in all, a great tribute to what looks like a classic bowling alley/bar, and some of the slickest drone moves we’ve seen so far.  Definitely give the short video a watch, and wait ’til the end.

Via Kottke: