‘Islandia’ Showcases The Bleak Yet Beautiful Landscapes of Iceland

Yep, we’ve posted a fair amount about Iceland. Here. And here. Oh, and here. And maybe here.  How can we help but be drawn to their plethora of moss and fog? And it’s also the pure desolation, a land so full of beauty, but also supremely bleak and raw. No wonder it’s been used as a backdrop for any number of post-apocalyptic films, though in a beautiful way.

Well, we’re at it again, this time showcasing part of a series called Islandia, by Jesse Echvarria, another photographer we’re quite fond of.  Great aerial captures and depth of color and contrast in his work. You can almost smell the clean air and rich moss and lichen in the images. Iceland, we’ll see you again soon.  Via Behance: