Jennifer Esseiva’s Lush Wilderness Photography

Jennifer Esseiva is a Swiss photographer who expertly captures the essence of nature with her images. We were struck by both the clarity and mood that the images convey.

We caught up with Esseiva, who shared some of the inspiration with Moss and Fog on the series ‘Natural Gems‘. Read on below.

“Natural Gems” is a photography series featuring images exclusively taken in Switzerland. I used to take a lot of pictures while travelling abroad. Due to the sanitary situation, I took the opportunity to photograph Switzerland, my home country, from North to South and to East to West.

Switzerland offers beautiful landscapes with rivers and lakes. No matter where you go, you will see either a lake, a river, snow or mountains. It is therefore quite natural that water is the central element of my inspiration for this photography series.

I have used a long exposure time on most of my images. Indeed, I really like the effect it gives on the movement of the water and how it dramatises the image with the moving clouds.

My aim with this series is to show the beauty of the nature around me. We often think that we have to go far away to discover beautiful landscapes and we forget to look around us. And I am the first one!”

Photography used with artist’s permission.