Petee’s Pie for Everyone

If the charming book cover and title don’t sway you, perhaps some of the recipes will:

Chestnut Rum Chess Pie. 🥧

Lemon Meringue Pie. 🥧

Tomato Ricotta Pie. 🥧

New York Sour Cherry Pie. 🥧

Maple Whiskey Walnut Pie. 🥧

The list goes on, with dozens of flavors, and decades of experience.  Considered one of (if not the) best pie shop in New York City, Petee’s Pie Company has a devoted fanbase, and and a book was a natural extension of the shops.  Over 80 recipes, lovingly photographed and detailed with easy to follow instructions.

See Petee’s website for more details, and places to buy the book! 🥧

“In Pie for Everyone, owner and namesake of Petee’s, Petra Paredez (aka Petee) shares her personal repertoire of baking techniques that have made her pie shops, Petee’s Pie Company and Petee’s Café, New York staples.”