A Lush, Mossy Paradise Captured by Jennifer Esseiva

We’ve visited the beautiful photography from Jennifer Esseiva recently, and the way her clean outdoor photography shows us a purity that feels fresh.

Her series ‘Fairyland’ takes us on a deep journey into a dense, lush forest, a place of peace, of solitude, and the type of place you want to breathe the fresh cool air in.

We love the way the moss covers the rocks and trees, giving the forest a true fairytale-like feeling. The long-exposure shots also create a smooth fluid movement to the stream, enhancing the images.

See more of her beautiful photography on her website.

Images used with artist’s permission. 

Esseiva describes her exploration of the forest:

“Fairyland” presents images taken exclusively at the same location but one week apart. It was by chance that I discovered this place. I had gone there to visit caves, but as I followed the path that leads there, I saw these numerous waterfalls in the forest.

I couldn’t resist stopping and taking a few photos because I found the place enchanting. I like the long exposure which gives a soft and mystical atmosphere to the forest. 

But as it was already late, I could only take a few pictures. So I went back the following weekend! This was an opportunity not to be missed!