Moss and Fog’s Top Posts from 2017 Pt. 1

We posted a lot in 2017. Over 500 times, in fact. Through all of that research, writing, and posting, we’ve shared art, design, science, and just plain fun from all over the world. At the end of the year it’s fun to look back at all of the visitors to our site, and some of the more popular posts. This week we’re going to share a retrospective of some of the top posts from 2017. Here are a handful of our favorites over the last twelve months. Thanks for visiting.

Stunning Office Lobby by BAMO Design

A fabulous, inspired office lobby space for a new Seattle building, by BAMO Design.

bamo post


Vladimir Stankovic’s Butterflies Take Flight

Some warm and magical animated GIFs, all about butterflies, by Vladimir Stankovic.

vladimir post

Fifty-Nine Parks celebrates our National Parks with beautifully illustrated posters

An impressive and beautiful series of National Park posters that cover the entire range of America’s special parks.

parks post

Nike’s Shoe Shaped All-LED Running Track

In the unlikely city of Manila, a high-tech running track shaped like a Nike shoe was unveiled, with walls made entirely of LEDs.

track post

Destroying Nature is Destroying Life

A series of powerful and sobering posters that declare “Destroying Nature is Destroying Life” by Grabarz & Partner for Robin Wood.

polar bear post

Grand Yellow – On My Way

Eye-opening and stylish video for band Grand Yellow, created by Akatre Studio with post production by St-Louis Post House.