Mesmerizing Cut Paper Art That Spans Time

We have posted about beautiful cut paper art before, where artists skillfully layer concentric pages to create depth and shadow. It’s a great effect, though this series takes that concept to the next level, where each layer of the paper is slightly different, taking us on a time-based journey of that particular subject matter.

For instance, an outline of a pear. We see the rounded, lumpy shape, that layer-by-layer is eaten away, leaving a thin core in the center. Elegantly, a flaming fire ‘burns down’ to a smoky trail. And perhaps most effectively, we see the outline of a baby’s head, layer by layer turn into an adult woman.  It’s a beautiful and brilliant idea, executed with precision. Created by Mariano Pagella and Vasty for an advertisement for paint color, we’d love to see this concept explored further, layering our way through a visual journey. Via Behance: