Moss and Fog Best Architecture Posts of 2022

We love architecture, and the way our built environment shapes our culture, inspires us as humans, and intrigues us with its myriad of shapes and functions. We posted over 200 articles featuring impressive architecture in 2022, and here are a collection of some our most popular posts.


Avant Garde High Rise Inspired by the Look of Clouds

Canadian architecture firm Partisans have their heads in the clouds, literally. Their design for an organic, elegant high-rise is inspired by both the look of clouds overhead, and of ‘revision clouds’, a term that architects use in technical drawings.





Sleek, Futuristic Roberto Lane House in Bel-Air For Sale

This super sleek and futurist home in Bel-Air stands apart from the stately mansions and celebrity gated communities. Looking like a cross section of a Star Trek ship, the home features lines that are supposedly automotive inspired, and created using CNC machine milling.





Icelandic Architect Proposes Building Cities with Molten Lava

Icelandic architect Arnhildur Pálmadóttir has a radical plan to direct, form, and utilize molten lava to actually build cities of the future.  Her concept, called Lavaforming, is a response to the rising carbon emissions of current building techniques, and also a brilliant way to capture the powerful forces that live deep under the earth. 🌏




How Artificial Intelligence will Change and Impact Architecture

There has been a lot of talk this year about the impact that artificial design software may have on various industries. The main ones that have garnered excitement are text-to-image software like Midjourney, DALL-Eand Stable Diffusion. All of these are still in experimental stages, but show true promise about how machine learning can conceptualize imagery that has never been seen before.



Elegant Modern Maidla Nature Villa

We’re in love with the calm, modern aesthetic of this nature villa, placed in a gorgeous birch forest in Estonia.  It’s modestly sized, for one to two visitors, and lets them fully escape into the natural environment.



Moss Covered Diamond Cabin Looks Straight Out of a Fairytale

Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood are slowly building a collection of magical cabins in the Pacific Northwest, all looking like they come from a very talented forest gnome architect.




World’s Tallest Timber Building Set to Rise in Switzerland

The last decade have seen a number of advances in timber architecture, with methods like cross-laminated timber becoming popular, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional construction.

This method of construction has been reserved for smaller-scale buildings, but the envelope is being pushed, further into the sky.