The Dutch Mountains, a Cross-Laminated Timber Skyscraper for The Netherlands

The Netherlands are a beautiful place. But mountainous, they are not. The relatively flat country does have its share of modern and impressive architecture, however. This new cross-laminated timber design is cheekily named The Dutch Mountains, and has a pair of towers that soar 426 feet (120 meters) into the air. The swoop design is remarkable not only for its modern CLT (cross laminated timber) construction. The interior features a highly open environment, exposing its beautiful construction techniques to occupants, not hiding them away behind drywall.

The profile of the towers form a sleek upward-rising “U”, and will surely add prominence to the city of Eindhoven, where the towers are to be built.

The beautifully swoopy towers will feature a plethora of indoor plants and trees, a publicly-accessible interior area, and true to its name, extra wide stairs in the atrium that encourage you to ‘climb the mountain’, not always take an elevator. Designed by Studio Marco Vermeulen, it’s one of our favorite new skyscraper designs of the new decade.

Via Dezeen: