Omega Mart Promises To Blow Your Mind With Savings! And Weirdness

Billed as the “#1 Supermarket In the Worlds”, the upcoming Omega Mart in Las Vegas promises a shopping experience like never before. We see a deep-fake Willy Nelson guiding us around a store that is wrong in just the right ways.

The next, ambitious step for Meow Wolf, the interactive art installation group, is a massive ‘supermarket’ that will take you on a surreal adventure.

The initial branding and ads for the experience are a great vintage throwback to 80s corporate shtick, yet with an ominous, you-may-perish twist.   With marketing and advertising by Wieden + Kennedy, we see an embrace of absurdity that should fit the interactive art experience perfectly.

And set in Las Vegas, we think it’s refreshing that the casino crowd may get to check out art and installation work that seems miles away from the glitz and glam of the Strip.

Take a look at their ‘Grand Opening’ video below, along with a number of unique offerings their store will stock.

Opening late February, 2021.