Powerful New Ad by Spike Jonze Advocates for Marijuana Legalization

In a beautiful and powerful ad campaign for MedMen, director Spike Jonze takes us on a museum-like journey through marijuana’s history in the United States.

In the piece titled The New Normal, we see diorama-like scenes play out, from George Washington’s hemp farm, to the insane incarceration practices of the 1990s. Actors are in freeze frame while the camera elegantly moves from scene to scene, making a case for why federal marijuana laws need to catch up to ‘the new normal’.


The ad piece takes us through the history of marijuana arrests, including the controversial “stop and frisk” policies, which put thousands of people in prison for minor offenses.

marijuana legalization ad by Spike Jonze

We see reference to history, with George Washington’s hemp farm.

marijuana legalization ad by Spike Jonze

We’re shown a recreation of the famous “Reefer Madness” movie, which attempted to scare people away from the ‘evil drug’.

With now 10 US states plus the District of Columbia allowing for recreational marijuana use, isn’t it time the rest of the nation catch up? Really powerful stuff, via LaughingSquid:

giphy-5marijuana legalization ad by Spike Jonze