Replicate A Stay on Mars, In Comfort

SunCity Camp is located in the stunning Wadi Rum desert of Jordan. We’ve written about Wadi Rum before as one of the few locations on Earth that looks stunningly similar to the Martian surface. Called the Valley of the Moon by the Bedouins, the area is truly stunning, with towering rock outcroppings amidst the red sand.

With the choice of staying in either Bedouin-style tents or custom-built Martian Domes, SunCity gives you the luxuries you might expect in any premium resort, but in a style and setting that looks an awful lot like the red planet.  Add in activities like desert hikes and camel riding, and you have a truly authentic vacation that’s out of this world. Except for the handy fact that you can still breathe the clean air of Earth. Via Uncrate: