Sleek Satellite Rescue Watch Could Save You in a Disaster

We’ve heard a number of stories of people going missing on big expeditions, or those that get lost in a remote wilderness area, only to lose their lives without help.

The O-Boy Satellite Rescue Watch wants to change that, with a sleek and simple design. The clean and pared-down watch features a large red button that can alert authorities when you’re in trouble, just about anywhere on the planet.

Via Cool Material:

“Press the large orange button five times to activate the GetMe function that sends your coordinates to four pre-selected contacts. Press the same button eight times to engage RescueMe and the closest emergency services get the alert. If you hold the button down for ten full seconds, it provides tracking. The O-BOY is just the kind of peace of mind you need when all else fails. It’s up on Kickstarter now.”