Stunning Namibian Night Sky

Namibia is a photographer’s dream, with the world’s largest dunes, huge open expanses, and wildlife that would make any skeptic swoon. Russian photographer Daniel Kordan does tremendous justice to this landscape, with a series of images that take the night sky to new heights, with long-exposure photos that turn the starry sky to a swirling vortex. The famous dead trees you’ve seen in photos are part of the Deadvlei, a white clay pan so dry, that the tree skeletons can’t even decompose, and have stood rigid for over 700 years. A truly beautiful part of Southern Africa.  See more of Kordan’s work on his website and InstagramVia Colossal:

Namibian night skyNamibian night skyNamibian night skyNamibian night skyDanielKordan_05DanielKordan_07Namibian night sky